Video Web Inspection is a supporting system to printing quality. To guarantee you get the top print quality, the production results must be permanently checked. In the past the printer did this job. But today the best human eyes have to capitulate to the ever-increasing web speeds. Video web inspection systems now assume this monitoring function.

  • Color To Color Comparison (CTC)
  • Quick Zoom
  • Position Gallery -- selecting certain position from a set of 10 position, and the camera will move imediately to the selected position.
  • Virtul Reapeat
  • Programmable Positions -- up to 30 camera locations (including zoom, iris and strobe settings)
  • Auto Contrast Scan (ACS)
  • Combi Scan -- all the desired inspection parameters:
    programmed positions, Auti Contrast Scan Set-up, Split Screen positions, into one comprehensive continuous loop.
  • Multi Function Split Screen -- save up to 30 reference images for visual side-by-side or picture-in-picture comparison throughout the run.
  • Two Camera Systems -- a very effective tool for inspecting front, back, and front-to-back print in a variety of ways.

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