Cylinder cleaning solution is an important subject you must always keep available in order to give better maintenance or storage of your rotogravure printing cylinders, anilox rollers, and printing rollers. 

TKM Enpurex® is a new development in cleaning fluids; it is specially designed for anilox rollers, printing rollers and impression cylinders.

Physical detachment – instead of chemical dissolution

Operating principle of Enpurex: The mobile and reticular structure in the fluid enables the penetration of the ink layers. Due to the constant molecular re-structuring, the liquid acts similar to a micro-quake or a gentle ultrasonic cleaning. Even the smallest impurities are fragmented and lifted. The addition of water cancels the cleaning activity. The dirt particles that have already been lifted can now be removed quickly, cell deep and without residues. Dissolution and smudging are avoided.

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